Spinach and Scallion Pancake

pannari lähiI’ve been fiddling through and cooking from Hanna Hurtta’s Sesonkireseptit (Seasonal recipes) book, testing recipes and tweaking them just a liiiiittle bit according to what I’ve had in the pantry and what I think would work. I cooked (and fell in love with) a savoury Smoked Salmon and Scallion Oven Pancake, and then decided to make a vegetarian version of it to my dear friend’s bachelorette party. For brunch, you know.

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Tomato Melon Salsa with Feta Cheese

IMG_20160525_223544It’s been a while! I’ve been SO BUSY. But then I developed this super amazing side salad for barbecued food that is super current and so I had to share it with you! It has everything you want from a side dish to be served with grilled meats… or, you know, grilled anything. It has juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumber, sweet melon, salty feta cheese and that splash of tang from vinegar. I am completely addicted to this and am actually craving more while writing this.

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Mmm Noodle Soup. Quick Weekday Pho

phoI have a very profound connection to Pho, the Vietnamese rice noodle soup. There used to be this great place near to where I work who served SUPER Pho, but they went away (OK the place is still there but the guy who used to make Pho isn’t), and now the closest place to work is a great Vietnamese restaurant. The problem with that is that it is not exactly close and their everything is so great I don’t always feel like having Pho. There is this great Pork Fried Rice they used to have…

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Fajita Dip and Nachos


I was about to make a second soup for the week from Vera Jordanova’s Don’t Miss a Bite, when I suddenly decided that I did not feel like soup. However, I had already bought the ingredients and the tomatoes were already in the oven, not to mention that I was supposed to be cooking lunch. I was heading to my aunt’s for dinner (mutton, asparagus, that kind of thing), but I get super short tempered when I am hungry so I cannot imagine trying to only eat breakfast and dinner. Ergo, out with the chicken and black bean soup, in with the chicken and black bean stew with avocado and nachos, in other words Fajita Dip!
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Mushroom Soup with Sage

IMG_20160322_192410I arranged this week’s menu around the gym days (carbs and protein) and non-gym days (lighter food and soups). Pollo Limonello with spaghetti and zoodles, Mushroom Soup with Sage, Spicy Chicken Wings and vegetables, Chicken and Black Bean Soup with avocado. Simple. On the weekend it is finally Easter so we’ll be stuffing our faces left and right. Continue reading

Kinder Cake

kinder3Easter is right around the corned and social media is going wild about Kinder cakes. There are different takes on it, some make a cheesecake-type solution, others opt for mousse or have a brownie or chocolate cake crust. I went for a cheesecake-y option as well, in my quest of trying to not make it overly sweet. What these cakes have in common is that they are usually using white chocolate and milk chocolate and they are lavishly decorated with all sorts of Kinder chocolate goods.
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